DGX OS Desktop v3.1.6 Release Notification

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DGX OS Desktop v3.1.6 Release Notification

The DGX team is pleased to announce the availability of DGX OS Desktop version 3.1.6.

DGX OS Desktop has been updated with the latest packages available for Ubuntu and an updated NVIDIA GPU driver version 384.125. Refer to Security Bulletin 4649 for more information about the driver changes.

DGX OS Desktop 3.1.6 is available as updates to software packages currently installed on a system, as well as ISO images for restoring a system image. Updating a system updates all installed packages with the latest versions available from NVIDIA, Ubuntu, and Docker at the time the system is updated. These packages include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with earlier releases.

For more information and upgrade instructions, refer to the following documents:

          DGX OS Desktop Release Notes

          DGX Station User Guide

          Security Bulletin 4649

          Ubuntu Security Notices for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

To obtain the DGX OS Desktop v3.1.6 ISO image and its associated checksum file, download these files:

          DGXStation- (MD5: fa436ce048be5ba16778cde521052722)



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