DGX OS Server Software upgrade matrix

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NVIDIA releases software on a regular basis to keep NVIDIA DGX servers under support, performing optimally, and with all the necessary security patches released to date.

Upgrade of NVIDIA DGX OS Server Software

There are two ways to upgrade the NVIDIA DGX OS Server Software. Review both options and determine which is more convenient for your environment.

Upgrading directly to the desired version of the DGX OS Server Software can be performed by downloading the ISO image for that version of the OS from the NVIDIA Enterprise Service Portal and then installing it on the DGX server. Note that not all versions of the OS Server Software are made available through ISO images, so the user may have to upgrade to the latest available from the ISO followed by an upgrade over the network. This procedure to use an ISO image to install the system is documented in the DGX-1 User Guide.

NOTE: This option will completely wipe out any information or applications that might have been installed on the NVIDIA DGX Server.

Using Over The Network upgrades allows users to upgrade their DGX Server by upgrading packages to the latest released patch version of the currently installed major release using system utilities. In some cases, an intermediate upgrade step might be needed to get to the latest version of software release. For example, when the server is running version 1.X and the desired NVIDIA DGX OS Server Software version is 3.1.4, the server will have to be upgraded to the latest available version of NVIDIA DGX OS Server Software version 2.X first.

The information below is a summary of the supported upgrade paths that can be taken to get to the latest version of software. In order to upgrade software on a server, make sure the software you are planning to install and the current version on the server can be upgraded directly.

Target OS Version



Current OS Version



No, upgrade to 2.X first



Additional Resources

The ISO images can be found at:

OS Version

ISO image link






Download DGX-1 2.0.4 ISO image


For more detailed information on software versions included with each release, please visit the following link: NVIDIA DGX OS Server Software Release Notes

For detailed instructions on how to upgrade from one version of the OS to the next, please review the NVIDIA DGX OS Server Version 3.1.4 Release Notes
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