Docker CE 17.12 or Later May Fail to Start on DGX Systems

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Why do I get an error when attempting to use Docker CE 17.12 or later on my DGX system?


If a DGX system is updated with Docker CE 17.12 or later, Docker may fail to start.

The following error is reported to syslog, and can also be viewed using journalctl (journalctl -u docker):

ERROR: The '--disable-legacy-registry' flag has been removed. Interacting with legacy (v1) registries is no longer supported


Beginning with version 17.12, Docker no longer supports interacting with registries using API version v1. One of the configuration files in current Docker installations on DGX systems contains the --disable-legacy-registry=false flag.

Action to Take

  1. Remove the  --disable-legacy-registry=false option from the /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/docker-override.conf file.
  2. Restart Docker after editing the configuration file.

$ sudo systemctl restart docker

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