DGX Support Announcement 10242017: VBIOS Release

Answer ID 4577   |    Updated 11/20/2017 03:10 PM

Product: DGX-1 with Pascal

VBIOS is available to reduce the chances of encountering uncorrectable memory interface errors on some DGX-1 systems

Background: In accordance with NVIDIA's drive for continuous improvement, an updated VBIOS and flashing instructions for the Tesla P100 GPUs are posted here. The VBIOS addresses uncorrectable memory interface errors reported on a limited number of Tesla P100s.

NVIDIA strongly recommends upgrading to this latest VBIOS version


There are three choices:

  • If Docker is installed and enabled: container-based update
  • If BaseOS 2.x is run without Docker: bash script
  • If manual update is preferred: command line input

Customer Action

Check your OS-image version and whether Docker is installed and enabled. Choose your update method.
Download the instructions and the relevant VBIOS package.
Execute them.

Updating the VBIOS requires a system reboot, but does not delete or remove data.


ContainerDownload Container

User Guide: DGX-1-VBIOS-update-container-method


Bash script: Download Bash Script

Instructions: Instructions to update VBIOS


Download: DGX-1-VBIOS-update-860041_v03

Instructions: Instructions to update VBIOS



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