DGX OS Desktop v3.1.2 Release Notification

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DGX OS Desktop version 3.1.2 is now available.

DGX OS Desktop has been upgraded with the GPU driver version 384.81. This driver mitigates multiple vulnerabilities in the kernel mode layer of the driver. Refer to the Security Bulletin for vulnerability details.

Additionally, DGX OS Desktop version 3.1.2 provides performance optimizations for NVIDIA Docker Containers Release 17.09, includes new releases of several software components, and resolves standby and resume issues with CUDA applications.

DGX OS Desktop v3.1.2 is initially provided only as an ISO image. Over-the-network updates through the public NVIDIA repositories for DGX OS software will be provided by October 2, 2017.

To use version 3.1.2 before October 2, you will need to restore the software on your system from the released ISO image. This process erases all data stored on the operating system SSD, including all user accounts and all users' documents, software settings, bookmarks, and other personal files.

For more information, refer to the following documents:

To obtain the DGX OS Desktop v3.1.2 ISO image and its associated checksum file, download these files:

DGXStation-  MD5: cad1d7ed6f573a2c83d62c5d5ac36aee


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