Important Notice: New 17.09 Optimized Frameworks Require Update to DGX OS Server v2.1.1 or v3.1.2 for all DGX-1 systems.

Answer ID 4545   |    Updated 10/02/2017 03:03 PM

Customers who want to use DGX Optimized Frameworks version 17.09 and later are required to upgrade Pascal-based (P100) DGX-1 servers to version 2.1.1 or version 3.1.2 to ensure compatibility with the DGX Optimized Frameworks.

All customers are strongly recommended to update to these DGX OS Server releases as they improve system reliability and I/O performance, and include security fixes. This update includes the production Release 384 GPU driver and CUDA 9 enhancement.

Using DGX Optimized Frameworks on Pascal-based (P100) systems running an earlier DGX OS Server version will result in a version mismatch error.

DGX OS Server version 2.1.1 and version 3.1.2 will be made available together with the DGX Optimized Frameworks version 17.09. We expect these updates to be posted by end of day September 25, 2017. Upgrade Instructions from earlier versions of DGX OS Server

to v2.1.1 or v3.1.2 will be available on the Enterprise Support Portal and on

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